• Our experience backs you up

    Since its creation 66 years ago, Cámara Suárez S.A. of C.V. had in mind, with clarity, that its mission would be to satisfy with quality the requirements of chemical products that the industry needs, and for that reason they focused its activities, commercial, administrative and operative, to fulfill that mission that was visualized since then by its founders.

    It has been a long journey, with great effort, dedication and enthusiasm and that has enriched, day by day, month by month and year after year, our activity so that you feel supported with this long experience. Experience that is reflected and translates into offering our customers the best quality products with excellent service. Thus offering great quality and service at a fair and reasonable rate.

    In all these years, the experience in the different stages of commercialization of our products, such as acquisition, storage and proper handling, upto the delivery to our valuable customers, it is backed up by the constant training of our entire team, in the different areas and levels, and that focuses on complying with you, our mission mentioned above.

    Undoubtedly, this experience is at your service, and we have specialized mainly in offering a friendly and efficient service which is a vital part of our company that are our customers. That is why we have been qualified and certified as a quality, serious and reliable company.

    Our experience
  • Follow up on each one of your purchases

    We have a clear awareness of the importance of timely and properly fill the order with which each customer, in turn, favors us. This represents the great opportunity to provide that spirit of quality in the service focused on satisfying their requirements with quality in the products they kindly request.

    For this we have a manual of procedures and operating systems that allow us to locate the status of your order, from its origin to satisfactory delivery. These procedures also include verifying that all data and information are correct in quantity, packaging, quality, recipient, etc.

    This follow-up to each of the orders received is in order to provide the best service, avoiding delays, in addition to having at hand the full information on the status of each order, from the time we received it until it has been fulfilled and delivered opportunely.

    The monitoring of each order generates, in our computer system, very useful information and statistical history. That is available both for our appreciable clients and us.

    Follow up on each one
  • On Time Deliveries

    One of the features in the service, which have distinguished us, has been our marked interest in delivering on time, the valuable orders that our customers request. Knowing how important it is for them to receive their goods they need in a timely manner. Therefore, we have indicated the commitment to deliver your orders within 24 hours, after the date on which that order was made, and within 48 hours, if necessary to first go and collect your containers to your facilities.

    If unexpected factors or unforeseen circumstances prevent us from complying with the aforementioned delivery policy, there is a commitment to promptly inform the client of this situation, since the most important thing at all times is always to inform and timely serve our customers.

    For that reason, we strive to create the necessary structure that allows us to adequately fulfill that objective, and which is integrated by our staff, always efficient, active and attentive; as well as equipment for transporting and suitable distribution, and we have the support of our computer system. That is to say, that we combine and coordinate the human, technical and administrative resources, in order to comply with our current commitment to deliver on time.

    On Time