Sacks of 25 kilos.

White powder, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. Colorless odorless crystals, metallic taste, astringent, fluorescent air, their solutions are acidic to litmus paper, e.g. 1957, p.f. 212 °F, little toxic.

White caperrosa, white vitriol, zinc acid sulfate.

Medicines, mordants, calico prints, wood and skins preservatives, paper bleaching, preparation of zinc derivatives, food additives, fertilizers, rayon manufacture, aerosols, for agriculture, electro galvanized. It is used as a zinc supplement in animal feed, to prepare fertilizers and agricultural sprays. It is used in the manufacture of lithopone and rayon, as electrolytes for plating with zinc, in medicine, as astringent and emetic. An aqueous solution of zinc sulphate is effective to remove moss from pavements and floors. Zinc sulfate uses have been reported to mask anti-drug tests and tests because it acts as a chelator for the molecules, removing them from the urine.