Sacks of 25 kilos.

White powder, zno 89.6% min., Zinc 72% min., Lead 0.05% max, iron 2.0% max, insoluble 1.5% max, lime 4% max, sulfur 0.6% max, arsenic0.02% max, cadmium 0.10% max , humidity 0.1% max.

Zinc white, absolute white, zinc flowers, zinc monoxide.

Disinfectant, balanced food, is used as a pigment and inhibitor of fungal growth in paints, as a filler in rubber tires and as an antiseptic ointment in medicine. Its high quality allows its use in various industrial applications such as vulcanization of gums, cosmetics, zinc phosphates, medicines, ceramic glazes, polymers. Definitely, the main use of zinc oxide is to prevent damage to our epidermis and accelerate the relief of small wounds and inflammations, since this substance has the ability to adhere to the skin surface and form a thin layer or protective film that isolates the factors that could damage it or increase the injury.