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Sacks of 25 kilos.

White Granulated Na2O 29.5%, SiO2 28.7%, e.g. 183, size between 10 and 65 microns, m.p. 161.6 °F, soluble in water, non-toxic, non-combustible, compatible with surfactants, ionic and non-ionic detergents, optical brighteners.

Disodium trioxosilicate, metapenta, disodium trioxosilicate.

Laundry, metal cleaning, dairy products, floor cleaning, base for detergent formulations, bleaching aids, paper and paste reductions. It is compatible with wetting agents, ionic and non-ionic detergents, optical brighteners, oxidizing agents, soaps and other silicates and powdered alkalis. Usable in the treatment of minerals, oil processes, paper processing and construction materials.