Sacks of 25 kilos and 50 kilos

Concentration: 99% Brand Álcali, white powder physical appearance (light 25 k.). Concentration 99.5%, solid white granular physical appearance (dense 50 k.).

Soda ash, calcined soda, soda carbonate.

Sodium carbonate is used for toasting (heating under a gust of air), chromium and other extracts and decreases the sulfur and phosphorus content of the foundry and steel. It is also used, in those processes in which it is necessary to regulate the ph of different solutions, we refer to the water treatment of the industry. As well as in the processes of flotation, ceramics, soaps, cleaners, hard water softeners, oil refining, aluminum production, textiles, pulp and paper. Metallurgical processing, preparation of pharmaceuticals, caustic soda, sodium bicarbonate, sodium nitrate and several other uses.