Aceites y petrolatos



Minimum buy 7 kilos in bulk or plastic barrel of 175 kilos.

Density 0.903, clear or colorless liquid, with characteristic pine odor, insoluble to water, concentration 52 to 56% of total tertiary alcohols.

Pine essence, potassium soap, yarmor 350.

In aromatherapy, toiletries and disinfectants balsamic, expectorant, bronchial sedative, antiasthmatic, rubefacient, in porcelain paint to mix with powder pigments, preparation of pine emulsions for cleaning. In the formulation of paints and varnishes, in the textile industry, as a wetting and flotation agent, fiber penetrant, special solvents, household and industrial cleaners, flavorings, preservative in industry and paper, laboratory reagent, in the areas of water treatment, as an aroma sequestrant.