Sacks of 25 kilos.

Synthetic Magnesium Oxide, produced from natural brines.

Calcinated Magnesia, Caustic Magnesia, Powdered Magnesia.

Refractories, coating of steel ovens, polycrystalline electrical insulating ceramics, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, frozen desserts, papermaking, fertilizers, elimination of sulfur dioxide in chimneys, semiconductors. They are used as refractory material in furnaces for the production of non-ferrous metals, glass and cement, as well as in agriculture and chemical and construction industries. Other uses include photographic flashes, pyrotechnics and incendiary bombs, due to the light emitted by their combustion. Reducing agent in obtaining uranium and other metals from their salts. It is used by athletes as gymnasts and weightlifters to improve the grip of objects, as well as by climbers to improve adherence to the rock. Used in medicine as an antacid, it can also be used against constipation, produces mineral balance, revives the organs of vital functions (glands), activates the kidneys to eliminate uric acid; in arthritis, it decalcifies up to the membrane of the joints and attacks calcified sclerosis to prevent heart attacks, purifying the blood, vitalizes the brain returns and retains youth until old age. It is used by many libraries to preserve books by reacting with room humidity to dry book stores.