Sacks of 25 kilos.

Copper 25.2% min., Purity 99.00% min., Ph (50 g / l h2o) 3.0-5.0, inert 1.0% max iron 1000 ppm, lead 50 ppm, zinc 500 ppm.

Blue vitriol, blue caparrosa.

In water treatment it is used as algaecide, and has numerous applications, manufacture of feed concentrates for animals, fertilizers, pesticides, textile mordants, leather industry, pigments, electric batteries, galvanized coating (copper coatings acid by electroposition), salts copper, medicine, wood preservatives, etching and lithography processes, reagent for the flotation of zinc-containing ores, petroleum industry, synthetic rubber, steel industry, natural asphalt treatment, ceramic dye. Agriculture, additive for the land, pesticide, feed additive, germicide, textile mordant, pigments, electric batteries, galvanized coatings, copper salts, reagent in analytical chemistry, preservative in wood, etching processes.