Sacks of 25 kilos, or liquid of 60 kilos in bulk.

Liquid in rayon or standard presentation, 50% concentration, e.g. 1.512., Corrosive liquid, very toxic by ingestion and inhalation, strong irritant to the skin, soluble in water and glycerin. Concentration in solid 98% granular or flakes.

Lye, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrate white caustic.

Manufacture of chemical products, rayon and cellophane, petroleum refining, aluminum foil pulp, medicines, detergents, soap, textile processes, refining of oils and vegetables, regeneration of resins, etching and electroplating. Bottling machines, textiles, soap dishes, water treatment, tlapalerías, bottle washing. It is also used in the oil industry in the development of water-based drilling sludges. Sodium hydroxide is used to make crayons, explosives, paints, and is also used in the processing of cotton textiles, laundry and bleaching, oxide coating, electroplating and electroplating.