Sacks of 25 kilos.

Physical state, dust and granular, concentration boric acid 56.3% specific weight: 61.83, brand 20 Mulas.

Orthoboric acid, Boracic acid.

It can be used to cure acne and disinfect minor burns. Important use of this acid is to reduce the possibility of nuclear accidents. Use this acid to put out the fire. Its use in the glass industry, borosilicate and thermal glasses used for laboratory material, tubes, glasses, thermometers. In the preparation of heat-resistant kitchen appliances such as baking and direct-flame sources, coffee machines, milk jugs, headlights for automobiles, lenses for light signals and traffic lights, lenses for eyeglasses, cameras, telescopes, microscopes. Fiberglass used as thermal and acoustic insulation. Use in enamels making hard surfaces, durable and easily washable kitchens, washing machines, refrigerators, bathtubs, stoves, ovens, sheets for street nomenclatures. Vitreous enamels for the ceramic industry such as wall tiles, floor tiles, roof tiles. Its use in citrus washing and conservation of them. For cosmetic and pharmaceutical use, creams, lotions and face powders, dentifrices, anti-perspirants, ophthalmic solutions, medicines in general. Use as fungicides, insecticides, refining of non-ferrous metals, chromium, nickel, copper, lead, aluminum, and for use as tanneries: finishing of hides and skins and use of the textile industry: finishing of fabrics.