Sacks of 25 kilos.

Odorless white glass, m.p. unknown, Specific gravity 1.98 g / ml 68 °F Solubility in water 77 °F 85%, bulk density 0.05 g / cc, crystalline density 1.98 g / cc.

Ammonium persulfate, ammonium peroxydisulfate, ammonium peroxydisulfate, peroxydisulfuric acid, diammonium salt.

The polymer industry uses aqueous solutions of persulphates as initiators in the polymerization of latex and synthetic rubber. The electronic industry considers sodium persulfate as an efficient microgravurer in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. The ammonium, potassium and sodium persulfates are used as initiators for polymerization reactions in the manufacture of acrylics, pvc. The persulfates are used as initiators in polymeric concrete formulations. They are also initiators for the polymer coating of graphite filaments. Ammonium persulfate is used as a curing agent in chemical sludge injection systems, to stabilize soils in a hole, in the foundations for a dam, in the walls of tunnels and in the excavations for the foundations of buildings The oxidation power of the persulphates is used to clean a wide variety of boards with printed circuits. Persulphates are used to clean and laminate aluminum, brass, copper and many other metal surfaces before they are plated or joined. Also, persulfates are used to clean and activate charcoal, before and after their use as absorbent. The Pharmaceutical industry uses sodium persulfate as an agent in the preparation of antibiotics. The persulfates are used in the preparation of adhesive films and adhesives for metal. In the recovery of oils, the persulfates are used "under the perforation", as a gel former and oil breaker. Persulfates are used to adhere surfaces to polymers and in the preparation of dispersants to make injection inks and toner formulations. Persulphates are used in many photographic applications, including bleaching solutions, regenerative solutions, equipment cleaning and wastewater treatment. They are used in the process of making paper. Ammonium and sodium persulfates are used in the descaling and bleaching of textiles and in the development of dyes. Persulphates are used to oxidize non-filterable garbage in swimming pools and other recreational waters. They clarify water and prevent the formation of combined chlorine in water. They are very strong oxidants, have excellent shelf life when stored properly and are economical. These properties make the persulphates suitable for a wide variety of environmental applications, such as water treatment.