In bulk 50 kilos.

Density 1.0527 p. F. 16.70 degrees c. P. e. 118 degrees, 99% concentration, liquid spicy, clear and colorless, with penetrating smell soluble in water, alcohol and ether.

Elanoic Acid, Metonocarboxylic Acid, Wood Vinegar, Ethyl Acid.

In beekeeping it is used for the control of the larvae and eggs of the wax moths. Its applications in the chemical industry are closely linked to its anionic salts, such as vinyl acetate or cellulose acetate (base for the manufacture of rayon and cellophane). For industrial textile use, pickled pigs feet and pickled pork rinds, laundries. Elaboration of sauces like industrial vinegar. Used in dry cleaning for the final treatment of cotton fabrics. It is used to obtain esters and salts, in dyes, pharmaceutical and food products, paint and varnish remover, straw whitener, leather, cork. In the paper industry, photography. In the rubber process, in the manufacture of glucose. Removes stains of ink, rust, clean metals, as reducer in ceramics, in the textile industry. As acidúlate, coagulant or solvent in various applications.