Notice of privacy

Cámara Suárez S.A. of C.V. with address at 26 street #1169 Zona Industrial, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico P.C. 44940, with branch in Aguascalientes with address at Julio Díaz Torre street #1169 Ciudad Industrial P.C. 20290, in Colima with address in B street block 3 lots 18 and 19 #1169 Parque Industrial P.C. 28620 and in León with address at Unión de Curtidores Blvd. # 426-A, Plan de Ayala Santa Rosa, P.C. 37666 will only use the information provided by the client for the database of its Marketing and Credit and Collection department, using these for the identification of the commercial relationship with the informant.


The client will may request access, rectification, cancellation or opposition in accordance, through the emails:,,, or